How to Fix Cracked Tires Ultimate Guide

Tires are an essential part of the car. If tires get cracked, it affects the overall performance and safety of the vehicle. This article will discuss how to fix cracked tires and provide a detailed guide. 

Cracked Tires
Inspection of Cracked Tires

Why Do Tires Get Cracked?

We all have faced this issue at least once in our lifetime, and our vehicle tires develop cracks on their surface. Unfortunately, we usually blame the tire manufacturer for substandard quality, not knowing that it is often our fault that causes cracks on the tires.

Following mistakes decrease the life of our valuable tires.

1- Sunlight & Hot Temperature

Yes, you read that right. Sunlight and hot and humid temperatures are bad for tires, especially when the vehicle is parked for long hours under sunlight. The natural rubber oil gets dried and causes tires to crack early and shorten the lifespan of the tires.

Remedy- Try to park your vehicle under a covered area to protect the tires from harsh sunlight.

2-Dirty Tires

Dirt on your tires works just like a mud mask on your face, the way the mud mask leaves your skin oil free in a similar way the dirty mud leaves your tires carrying valuable natural rubber oil of tires along with it which is essential for your tires for the long life, causing dryness that contributes to cracks, also make tire squeal when turning corners.

Remedy – Clean your tires regularly, and use products recommended for tire protection.

3- improper Air Pressure

Usually, we take Tire Air Pressure for granted and fail to maintain the optimum level required for the tire’s best performance and durability, increasing car fuel efficiency. For every tire, there is recommended tire pressure level provided by the manufacturer. Anything below that level is underinflated, and anything above that level is over-inflated. Both are dangerous for the tire’s health, cause it to wear unevenly, and contribute to cracks and blowouts.

Remedy – Always keep the tire pressure to the optimum level provided by the tire manufacturer. 

4-Repair Stings

We have opted for this bad habit of using temporary repair strings to mend the punctures in our tires and consider it a permanent solution; however, the repair string gets dried over time, and the tire gets damaged. 

Remedy – Only use repair strings for temporary and emergency repairs and replace them with a proper puncture patch later for the long life of the tire.

How To Repair Cracked Tires

Even though you just read the most critical information about the reasons for cracks in your tires that might help you maintain your tires in the future to prevent the cracks, what about the cracks that have already developed? DON’T WORRY. Let’s discuss how we can fix the tires that are already cracked.

How To Repair Cracked Tires

STEP 1 –  Check Cracked In Tires And Let The Tire Cools Down 

Inspecting the tires properly and examining the tire for any cracks is crucial. To check cracks, let the tire cool down as friction makes tires get hot.

STEP 2 – Remove The Tire 

Remove the tire from the vehicle.

STEP 3 –Deflate The Tire Completely 

Make sure you deflate the tire entirely so that there is no air left in the tire.

STEP 4 –Clean The Tire

Make sure you clean the tire thoroughly and that there is no dirt left in the cracked areas.

STEP 5 – Tire Glue 

Apply tire glue to the affected areas. Make use of a syringe if you have to reach between the cracks.

STEP 6– Leave It To Dry  

Let the glue dry and take effect for the required time. Then, read the instructions on the tire glue.

STEP 6 – Inflate

Inflate the tire and assemble it back to the vehicle; now it’s ready to use with all cracks fixed.


Cracked tires can be a real problem, but they can be prevented. Above, we have shown you how to fix cracked tires: Ultimate guide. I hope you find helpful information from our article that will help you improve cracked tires.

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