How to Remove Scratches from Windshield 6 Steps

If you are dealing with a scratched windshield on your vehicle this article would help you a lot, here we will address both the causes and the methods how to remove scratches from windshields.

Windshield scratches are as annoying as well as dangerous they can obstruct the driver’s visibility and concede passenger safety this is why it is better to resolve the problem quickly.

Why windscreen is important?

Wind Shields offer the highest degree of safety against injuries and accidents in case of minor scratches that can be fixed without a complete windshield replacement.

Why does a windshield scratch deserve Attention?

Cars windshield is the front glass of a vehicle that provides sturdiness and durability while a damaged one can affect the car’s strength.

Get Small Scratches Fixed Right Away

If your car windshield is already embellished with some minor scratches, try to fix them right away before the signs become too obvious. 

It’s a good practice to repair your windshield from a reputed car care service since standard or substandard service will do more harm than good and will save your expenses in the long run. 

Always clean your windshield with soap and warm water, unless there is a risk of the scratch expanding. Mark the scratched area with a dry-erase marker on the undamaged side.

How to identify the scratches on the windscreen

To identify a scratch on your windscreen put your finger over the scratch to see how deep it is holding your finger vertically if your nail catches that means you have got a deep scratch.

Remember, Deep scratches can not be fixed while scratches that feel smooth to the touch are fixable. Deep scratches continue to grow until your windshield breaks so take it seriously to resolve this matter.

Causes Of Scratches On Windscreen

Many times, scratches happen because of: 

1. Defective Wiper Blades: Wiper blades are an essential part of the car to keep the windshield clean from accumulating dust and water. Arguably, the biggest culprit for windshield scratches. Wiper blades are designed to rub against the surface of the shield and in case the blade is slightly damaged the rubbing causes uneven cleaning and friction which ultimately leads to scratches. 

2. Improper Cleaning: if you use a rough cloth to clean your windshield scratches can appear on it now and then using a soft microfiber or cotton cloth is the best way for safe and proper cleaning. 

3. Road Derbies: scratches are also caused by road pebbles flying into your windshield. 

4. Low Hanging Tree Branches also result in minor scratches. 

5. Windshields are constantly subjected to strong wind forces whenever Autos are in motion. The longer that a scratch is left unchecked the more likely the problem is to spread taking care of a single scratch now can prevent these issues from turning into one that affects the entire pane. 

Things You Need To Remove Scratches

  • A glass cleaner
  • Water bucket
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Painter’s tape
  • Cerium oxide powder
  • Mixing bowl
  • Buffing pad
  • Electric drill or polishing tool
  • Rubber gloves
  • Dust Mask

The process is fast and easy to complete from start to finish.


1. Clean the windshield with Glass Cleaner

first of all clean off all dirt before applying a polishing product. Start with a regular window glass cleaner; spray it onto the windshield then wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. To crop the stubborn dirt with a plastic Razor, Drag the Razorback and forth along the windshield, continue doing this until the dirt is gone, then finish up with a microfiber cloth. 

2. Tape off the affected Area.

Cover the edges of the windshield with painter’s Tape, this includes the edges of the windshield wipers the Polish will stutter when you work it into the scratches when anything that gets in between the windshield and the rest of the car is hard to remove also consider using the tape to outline the scratches place the tape on the inside part of the windshield to keep track of which spots you need to treat. 

3. Buffing Out Scratches.

Purchase a glass repair kit with the same oxide Polish in it repair kits include a polishing compound along add the buffing pad. cerium oxide is the most common type of Polish in these kits these kits are available online or at auto parts stores. Apply the rubbing compound from the kit to the scratch.

The rubbing compound contains cerium oxide which chemically reacts with the glass to seal the scratch and stop it from deepening. It works by forming a cerium oxygen-glass compound which is softer than glass and can bond the scratch together. Let the compound dry for 30 minutes. Clean the area with a soft cloth. 

4. Cerium Oxide.

 it comes in powder form when mixed with a small amount of water it becomes a thick paste-like substance many windshield products contain cerium oxide because this is best for deep windshield scratches. 

One thing important to mention before using cerium oxide is that All precautionary measures should be taken .put on rubber gloves and a dust mask. 

Cerium oxide powder is a harsh irritant and it can irritate your lungs. Secondly should wear goggles also to eliminate the possibility of Polish splashing into your eyes so always cover your skin and wear a dust mask when handling it. Always work in an open environment. 

5. Clear Acrylic Nail Polish.

it is useful as a windshield scratch remover it acts as a sealant that fills in the grooves left by scratches. when used correctly leave behind a scratch-free surface. 

Another product calls an acrylic scratcher remover is a product similar to Cerium oxide it comes in a liquid form, and you drip it into the buffing pad it works best on lighter scratches. 

CAN TOOTHPASTE REMOVE SCRATCHES FROM WINDSHIELD Toothpaste can be used only for buffing out small scratches but is it not a recommended method?

6. Baking Soda And White Toothpaste.

It only works well on smaller scratches and required repeated applications since it wears away rather quickly. 

Tips For Preventing Future Scratches.

  • Keep your windshield clean. 
  • Watch for signs of aged wipers 
  • Keep the wiper fluid topped off. 
  • Parking in a shady area can protect your windshield because due to high temperature of the unshaded place causes the glass to expand and weaken over time. 

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