How to Remove Studs from Tires Quick and Simple 5 Steps

During winter, it’s essential to equip your tires with winter tires as, during snow, we need either winter tires or to install studs in your tire to cope with the snow. Studs increase tire grip in winter and help in accelerating and breaking. This article will illustrate easy ways how to remove studs from tires.

As per our study and knowledge, studs are a more popular option as they increase grip and traction. Tires with studs increase grip and help the car accelerate, decelerate, and stop the vehicle smoothly.

At the end of the winter session, we need to remove the studs so we can use them in the future. to remove them, you can take your tire to any tire repair shop or remove them at home.

Why do We Need Studded Tires?

Studded tires provide an extra layer of traction and stability on slippery surfaces and can be an excellent addition for those who drive in wet or icy conditions.

There are various reasons why you should consider using studded tires on your car. Here are a few of the benefits:

Increased Grip on the Road: One of the benefits of using studded tires is that they offer a more excellent grip on the road. This is because the studs add more contact points between the tire and the road, increasing the car’s stability and ability to corner. 

Improved Safety: Studded tires increase the vehicle’s stability and are especially important when there might be a sudden turn or when driving on ice or snow. Not only will this improve your safety, but it will also save you from getting into a car crash and helps tires from tire sequel when turning corners.  

More Durable Tires: Studded tires are also more durable than regular tires. Because the studs prevent the rubber from wearing down and becoming brittle, as a result, your tires will last longer and provide you with a better driving experience. 

How to Stud Tires?

Before digging for information about removing studs from tires, you should first know how to stud tires.

Here is how to stud your tires

1. Find a studding kit. There are various “studding kits” on the market, so find one that fits your needs. Often, kits include studs, a hammer, and a drill. 

2. Place the studs in the tires. It’s important to 

1) Find studs that are the right size for your tires
2) Place the studs in the right spot. 

Often, a tire’s tread will have a “crown” or a “ridge” around the edge. These are the places you want to place the studs. 

3. Hammer the studs into the tire. Once you’ve placed the studs in the tire, hammer them into place with a hammer. Make sure you use a firm and consistent hammering action, or the studs may not stick to the tire. 

4. Drill a hole in the center of the stud. It will allow the air pressure in the tire to push the stud out. 

5. Tighten the lug nuts. Once you’ve drilled the hole and inserted the stud, tighten the lug nuts on the tires. Doing this will ensure that the stud is secure in the tire. 

6. Drive your car. Test the studs before you hit the road. If they’re working correctly, you should be able to feel the studs through the tire. If not, you may need to adjust the placement of the studs or replace them.

How to Remove Studs from Tires: Quick and Simple Steps

Here are the 5 steps on how to remove studs from tires.

Remove the tires

To remove the studs from a tire, you will need to remove the tire from the vehicle. It would make your task easier. To remove the tire, you’ll need a weight-holding jack and the correct tire removal tools. Once the tire is off the wheel, you’ll need to find a mounting point for the balance of your car.

Lubricate & Loosen the Studs

Once the tire is removed from the car, the next step is to remove the studs. For that, you need to lubricate the studs first so that studs lose their grips and can be removed easily.

Generally, a standard tire has 100-120 studs. Make sure to lubricate all of them with WD40 or lubrication spray and lose them one by one.

Remove the Studs

Once all studs get adequately lubricated and lose their grip on the tire, the next step is to remove them with the proper tool. The best tool which is widely used is “Pliers.”

To remove studs by pliers, grab the loses studs using pliers, twist them, and pull all of them one by one from the tires. It will take a bit of your time, but it’s mighty effective and can also save tire treads from warning out.

Check Tires to See if There is Any Puncture

After removing studs from the tire, inspect the tire and check for any damage. If there is any puncture or cut, you can check by using one of the above methods.

  • Sink the tires in clean water and check for any cuts or damage.
  • Spray the window cleaner on the whole tire surface and check for any bubbles. If there is any bubble in the tire, there is a puncture in it.

If you find any puncture or cracked tire, make sure to properly remove the puncture and repair the crack in the tile, after repair makes sure to properly inflate the car as per the manufacturer’s suggested air pressure.


Once the tire is inflated correctly, mount it back to the car, remove it from the mount, and the car is ready to go on the road. Inspect tire pressure every two to three weeks, and ensure there is no slow air leak in the tire.


After going through the article, you can have a complete guide on how to remove tires from studs at home. While owning a car, you should have little knowledge about maintaining the car and finishing at home, as it saves money and it’s not cheap to take the car to the garage all the time.

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