What to Do (& Not Do) When Your Car Overheats

This is indeed a familiar experience for all of us when we see some smoke coming out of our car. This is a clear warning that your car overheats and it should be taken to the closest auto workshop. in this article, we illustrate some highly result-oriented courses of action you can take to avoid this haphazard situation.

What Happens When A Car Overheats
What Happens When A Car Overheats

We all are driving cars frequently and when you are on the highway and you can see warning lights getting on and a strange smell coming from your vehicle then you should get yourself ready to cope with this situation of overheating your car. You should go to a nearby workshop to avoid any big mishap.

The first and foremost job which needs to be done as soon as possible is to find an appropriate place and stop your vehicle and let the engine cool down a little bit, then some obligatory course of action must be taken immediately.

Precautionary Measures To Avoid Your Car Getting Heated Up

1. Think before you open the hood of your car

Sit back and relax it will take approximately 15 minutes or so for your car to cool down after it got heat up, unfortunately.

Once your car has heated up, you don’t have to rush to open the hood of your car. It may have resulted in a serious disastrous situation. To avoid anything unusual always remember to let your car cool down first.

2. Don’t immediately press your car breaks

There is no need to panic immediately when you see smoke coming out of the engine compartment. It may lead to a serious accident in case you lose control as a result of this serious mishandling.

Also, you should avoid traffic jams and routes where there is a possibility to get stuck. All you have to do is to minimize your acceleration and find a place where you can stop and can easily cope with this unusual situation.

3. Open the car windows

As soon as it’s finalized that your car is about to heat up, so in this panic situation first step is to open all of the windows of your car to avoid an extremely hot interior in no time.

You have to sit in a car for some time, so the extremely hot interior will make you completely pissed off.

4. Sufficient Monitoring of Temperature Gauge

Regular drivers know that as soon as their car is going to heat up, monitoring their temperature gauge is of immense importance.

If it’s heading towards the hot stage then it’s a perfect time to off your engine and does all precautionary measures which are promptly required.

5. Switch off your Car AC

Enjoy some fresh air instead. If you keep your AC on for such a long period then achieving the stability of your car engine heat up will become more ambiguous.

6. Put a Towel on your Steering Wheel and Interior

As soon as the car heats the first step to save your interior from getting hot is to cover the steering wheel and interior with a blanket or ideally with a towel. It will keep your car interior cool for some time and you will have time to do mandatory precautions.

7.  Stop Driving. Analyze the problem seriously

Most ridiculous idea is to keep driving and select a destination that is too far away. There is a prime possibility that if you take that much time, your engine will expire. As a result, you will have to pay your mechanic a big amount and the safety of you and your loved ones will be greatly compromised.

8. Turn on The heater for some time

It sounds too on the heater in this situation but the expert mechanic will tell you that this step will strengthen your engine once again and help to normalize the temperature of your engine plus will avoid any other uncertain problem.

9. Roadside Assistance

Call your nearby friends or family members who can help you in this uncertain situation. Might be some perfect individuals who can help you to toe your car to the service station in good time.

10. Avoid using old and outdated battery your car

Avoid using cheap and low-quality brands for your battery. Use top-quality car batteries that will help your car’s engine stay operational for a long period.

Reasons For Car Overheats (Highlighter By Experts)

Keep an eye on these points to avoid car heating problems.

1. Scarcity of coolant

If you are driving with a low quantity of coolant then trust me you are the one who will be responsible for your car getting heated up in the middle of the highway. The reservoir must be filled to the recommended levels with new antifreeze. Coolant must be filled with 50% of water and 50% of coolant to maintain stability.

2. Worn Out/Destroyed Water Pump

The main job of the water pump is to spread the coolant to the whole engine so that engine will be able to work sufficiently. You should manage your coolant properly else there will be a possibility that a coolant will stop operating from the pump and as a result, of it, a car heating situation may occur.

3. Radiator Complexities

The radiator is like live blood for an engine because it manages the heat of the engine and lowers the temperature of the coolant. If the radiator has an issue, then it will fail to reduce the heat from the engine and the situation will be more horrible if the situation prevails.

4. Low Vehicle Motor Oil

Vehicle Motor Oil helps to manage the overall temperature of the engine. A low quantity of oil can increase the engine’s temperature quite dramatically.

5. Thermostat Not Functioning

The thermostat is any vehicle that generated a function to decide the temperature within the engine. Inappropriate working of the thermostat will have resulted in a un systemic flow of coolant within the engine which is harmful to the engine and may cause the car to heat up.

6. Engine Heat Exchanger Issue

Insufficient working of the heat exchanger unit may cause the inefficiency of mandatory coolant flow within the engine and it is considered one of the primary reasons for the car’s engine heat up.

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